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Spring Semester 2003

Mathematics Colloquium

The Mathematics Colloquium takes place on Mondays at 17:00 (sharp) in East Hall 4.
There will be tea starting at 16:30 in East Hall near the entrance to Room 4.
East Hall is essentially the last building on your left when you keep walking straight on from the IUB main entrance. The simplest way to get in is to press the switch with the wheelchair symbol on it. More detailed information on finding the way can be found here.

Talks are (or should be) directed at a general mathematical audience.
Everybody is encouraged to invite external speakers. Please use the table below to find out what dates are available and send me a line in order to reserve one.

We keep a Colloquium Book; each speaker is asked to write a handwritten abstract of the talk into it.

Date Speaker Title (with link to abstract)
Feb 03 Carl-Friedrich Bödigheimer (Uni Bonn) Models for the moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces
Feb 10 Guido Kings (Uni Regensburg; MPI für Mathematik, Bonn) The arithmetic of special values of the Riemann zeta function
Feb 17 Markus Kunze (Uni Essen) Existence of maximizers for scaling invariant Lp inequalities
Feb 24 Jörn Behrens (TU München) Adaptive semi-Lagrangian simulation of atmospheric flow problems
Mar 03 No Colloquium (because of job talks)  
Mar 10 Alexei Belov (IUB) On the Jacobian Conjecture
Mar 17 Yuri Manin (MPI für Mathematik, Bonn) Mathematics of Quantum Computing
Mar 24 Gerald Schmieder (Uni Oldenburg) A Proof of Smale's Mean Value Conjecture
Mar 31 Kurt Jetter (Uni Hohenheim) New Results in Polyphase Sampling
Apr 07 Ronny Wells (IUB) Why is the Riemann Mapping Theorem false in higher dimensions?
Apr 10 Matthias Kreck (Uni Heidelberg) An inverse to the Poincaré conjecture
Apr 14 No Colloquium (Spring Break)  
Apr 21 Easter Monday  
Apr 28
Hans Feichtinger (Uni Wien) A Functional Analytic View on Time-Frequency Analysis
May 05 Gerd Laures (Uni Heidelberg) String manifolds, homotopy groups and topological modular forms
May 12 Alexander Fel'shtyn (Uni Siegen) Dynamical zeta functions, Nielsen theory and Reidemeister torsion
May 19 Christian Lubich (Uni Tübingen) Geometric numerical integration illustrated by the Störmer-Verlet method
May 26 Finals Week  
June 12, 15:00 Vladimir Maz'ya (Linköping University) New and old spectral criteria for the Schroedinger operator
June 12, 16:30 Tatyana Shaposhnikova (Linköping University) Pointwise interpolation inequalities for integer and fractional derivatives and their applications
June 26, 11:00 John Hubbard (Cornell University, Marseille) Matings and Newton's method in dimension 2
July 01, 11:00 Ivan Izmestiev (Uni Regensburg) Monodromy representations of braid groups
July 28, 17:00 Matthias Heinkenschloss (Rice University) Numerical Solution of Optimization Problems Governed by Partial Differential Equations

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