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Fall Semester 2002

Mathematics Colloquium

The Mathematics Colloquium takes place on Mondays at 17:00 in East Hall 4.
There will be tea starting at 16:30 in East Hall near the entrance to Room 4.
East Hall is essentially the last building on your left when you keep walking straight on from the IUB main entrance. The simplest way to get in is to press the switch with the wheelchair symbol on it. More detailed information on finding the way can be found here.

Talks are (or should be) directed at a general mathematical audience.
Everybody is encouraged to invite external speakers. Please use the table below to find out what dates are available and send me a line in order to reserve one.

We keep a Colloquium Book; each speaker is asked to write a handwritten abstract of the talk into it.

Mathematisches Kolloquium at Uni Bremen

Date Speaker Title (with link to abstract)
Sep 16 Dierk Schleicher (IUB) Internal Addresses of the Mandelbrot Set and Galois Groups of Polynomials
Sep 23 Alexei J. Belov (IUB, Moscow Institute of Open Education) Specht type problems and related questions
Sep 30 Simon Malham
(Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh)
Stability of travelling-waves to a system of reaction diffusion equations modelling an autocatalytic chemical reaction
Oct 07 Fritz Grunewald (Uni Düsseldorf) Zeta functions in group and ring theory
Oct 14 Gerardo Acosta and Sergio Macias (University of Mexico City, Mexico) An Introduction to Continuum Theory and Hyperspaces
Oct 21 Nikolai Krylov (IUB) On the Jacobi Group and the Mapping Class Group of S3×S3
Oct 28 Claudia Wulff (University of Surrey, Warwick; FU Berlin) Approximate Momentum Conservation for Spatial Semidiscretizations of Nonlinear Wave Equations
Nov 04 Marc Keßeböhmer (Uni Bremen) A Multifractal Formalism for Homological Growth Rates of Kleinian Groups
Nov 11 Michael Stoll (IUB) On the equation x2 + y3 = z7
Nov 18 Branislav Jurčo (LMU München) Gerbes and D-branes
Nov 25 Dmitri Leites (Stockholm University) Challenging computerizable problems: From stability of markets to supergravity
Dec 02 Patrick Bangert (IUB) Raid Braid: Fast Conjugacy Class Disassembly in Groups with Applications to the Braid Groups
Dec 09 Bernhard Leeb (Uni Tübingen) On the geometrization of 3-dimensional manifolds
Dec 16 Horst Herrlich (Universität Bremen) Some Thoughts About the Axiom of Choice

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