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Spring Semester 2008

Mathematics Colloquium

The Mathematics Colloquium takes place on Mondays at 17:15 in the Lecture Hall of Research II.
There will be tea starting at about 16:45 in the Tea Room of Research II.
More detailed information on finding the way can be found here.

Talks are (or should be) directed at a general mathematical audience.
Everybody is encouraged to invite external speakers. Please use the table below to find out what dates are available and send me a line in order to reserve one.

We keep a Colloquium Book; each speaker is asked to write a handwritten abstract of the talk into it.

Date Speaker Title (with link to abstract)
Thu, Jan 24, 16:15 Mikhail (Misha) Lyubich (Stony Brook/NY and Toronto) Recent Developments on Local Connectivity of the Mandelbrot Set
Feb 11 Jörn Steuding (Universität Würzburg) Power Moments of the Riemann Zeta-Function and Conjectures From Random Matrix Theory
(Link to Slides)
Feb 18 Ina Kersten (Universität Göttingen) Some Old and New Results in the Theory of Linear Algebraic Groups
Feb 25 Jens Hornbostel (Universität Bonn) Homotopy Invariance in Geometry and Algebra
Mar 03 Eva-Maria Feichtner (Universität Bremen) Tropical Discriminants – an Invitation to Tropical Geometry
Mar 10 Andreas Stein (Universität Oldenburg) Approximating Euler Products, Class Number Computations and Heuristics in Algebraic Function Fields
Mar 17 Spring Break  
Mar 24 Easter Monday  
Wed, Mar 26 SES Wednesday Colloquium
Friedrich Pukelsheim (Universität Augsburg)
Mit der Quadratwurzel an die Macht? Von Mehrheits- und Entscheidungsfindung im EU-Parlament
(in German)
Apr 07 Fabrizio Catanese (Universität Bayreuth) Local Fundamental Groups of Complex Surfaces
(an Extension of Mumford's Theorem)
Apr 14 Wolf-Jürgen Beyn (Universität Bielefeld) The method of Freezing Spatio-Temporal Patterns in Partial Differential Equations
Apr 21 Alexander Tikhomirov (ICTS/MPI für Mathematik, Bonn) Vector Bundles on ind-Grassmannians
Apr 28 Angela Kunoth (Universität Paderborn) Wavelet Methods for PDE-Constrained Control Problems: Optimal Preconditioners, Fast Iterative Solvers, and Adaptivity
Tues, May 20 ICTS Mathematics Day  
  11:00 Gregg Zuckerman (Yale) Singular Vectors in Modules over Semisimple Lie Algebras
  14:15 John H. Hubbard (Cornell) Hénon Maps and Automorphisms of the 2-Shift
  17:00 Joint Math Colloquium with Uni Bremen
Nicolai Reshetikhin (UC Berkeley and Universiteit van Amsterdam)
On Semiclassical Quantization of Topological Quantum Field Theories

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