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IMO 2009 Daily News Archive

This is the archive of the International Mathematical Olympiad 2009 Daily News, an informal newsletter distributed to all IMO participants each day.
Day 1 – Arrival Day
Day 2 – Opening Ceremony
Day 3 – First Exam
Day 4 – Second Exam
Day 5 – Excursions 1
Day 6 – Excursions 2 and Barbecue
Day 7 – 50th Anniversary Celebration
Day 8 – Wangerooge
Day 9 – Awards and Closing Ceremony

Text and Photos: Wilfried Kurth and Stephanie Schiemann
Editing and Typesetting: Marcel Oliver
Production: Anke Allner

The typesetting was done in LaTeX using the wonderful newspaper style by Matthew Allen.

Further IMO coverage can be found at

German IMO 2009 Official Site
International IMO Official Site
IMO 2009 Results
Community forum with lots of IMO 2009 photographs


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